You need to know that a laptop designed for gaming is different from the usual notebooks. They obviously have factors that differentiates then depending on the price and and the manufacturer. The differentiating factors could be a strong and effective coolant or a stronger build quality to be able to play game on it for long.

Also, these devices always cost much more than the normal utility types and they even cost more than it would take for you to set up a desktop with the same power capacity. So before purchasing one, it is highly necessary for you to properly reason if a handy gaming device is what you need or maybe you should just go for a PC for your games. With computers like these, there is no mobility because since they are heavy devices, their autonomy is relatively low when they are fully working and do not function well like the laptops such as ultrabooks for instance.

Lastly, you have to fully understand that if you want to enjoy your game on the laptop like you would on the desktop, you will be ready to spend something like 800 dollars in total. And still, the desktop would be stronger than the computer you purchase at that price.


Concerning portable game devices, in comparison to AMD, Intel’s domain is much clearer which is bad for the buyer. So we would concentrate on solutions from the manufacturer for known reasons. You can get the Haswell based processors, also known as the series 4000 and broadwell which are well known by the 5000 series.

The only disparity between them is restricted to just the process of manufacturers. One comes on 22nm and the second in 14nm, however, this does not really have a high impact, since the ones with high performance have similar TDP in virtually all the versions. What we mean with this is that you do not need to be crazy about investing additional moneybon a system with a core 5000 series because a core 4000 series processor is very good for playing games. Since the purpose is just to play game, we will concentrate on the larger types like Core i5 and core i7, because these are the ones used in portable models.

Corei5:  Unlike a desktop computer, corei5 comes with four threads and two cores, not the four real cores. What this means is that the load of the four threads is divided between the two cores which always gives good results. But in games that really makes use of more than two cores, it does not produce good result. They infuse Turbo boost technology that enhances work frequency when needed.

Corei7: This one has eight threads and four original cores, same as a normal desktop model. The corei7 is more preferred because when it is used to play games that makes full use of its potentials, it brings a clear difference, most especially with total stability and minimum of FPS levels. Also, their aging has more better guarantee. Its turbo boost technology is an extra feature that enhances its working frequency and also switches off the cores that are not being used so as to increase the speed of the active cores and so that games that makes use of just two cores will enjoy the use of corei7 better


The graphics card is a very important component, because it is in charge of determining the picture and graphics quality you’ll play on and the life span of the device and price. You should bear it in mind that it does not perform as much as the desktop version with the same brand and they are usually lower. For instance, we can say the GTX 960M, that does not perform remotely like the GTX 960,but instead like a GTX To.

Recommended minimum to play at 108p.

The advised minimum to play with are the 2GB GTX GTX 860M-960M. The other one is just a renamed version of the first and their performance is both lower than GTX 750 Ti, but it can be compared so as to have better understanding. You should always be on the lookout for computers that have GDDR5 memory and stay away from the DDR3 versions bearing in mind that GTX 860M and GTX 960M are similar to GTX 850M and GTX 950M are similar, the working frequency is just the difference.

High performance in 1080P without excesses:  The best deal for your money is the GTX980M if you are looking to play your game at full HD and ultra quality non stop. Of course, this version can do lots more than the others, but the computer price is increased and it’s not that worthy. You should use a laptop with GTX 1060,GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 card, if VR gaming is what you want to play.


In many occasions, your game playing is sure if you have 4GB of RAM but it is better to choose laptop versions with 8 GB of RAM because it makes a difference on some recent games such as Battlefield hardline and also it is obvious now that upcoming games would be using higher RAM.

It is not a good decision to overlook the buying of 8GB RAM computers to buy 32GB of RAM because RAM does not assure better functioning. Rather, it just makes the total cost of the system increase, so spending your money on a computer that has good graphics card is the best.

Speaking of storage, getting an SSD is advised but not necessary because it jerks up the computers price. So if your budget is not that large, you should go for boosting the graphics and processor, even if that means you should agree to a mechanical hard drive,also the combination of GPU+CPU+RAM will determine your general experience in games. Whatever the case might be, you can always change the HDD to SDD quickly and with ease.

In this section, we would provide you with valuable information about the best laptops for gaming purposes and give you latest and trendy instructions about choosing a gaming laptop which fits perfectly into your specifications and budget.

Gaming Laptops have undergone series of transformations thereby making some of the strongest and valuable machines to fit into a small compartment like ‘notebook’ and still function properly. This is due to various advancements in graphics, processors and cooling. Technology has advanced to the point of producing numerous ultra-thin devices which can be restructured to fit into your bag and any other covers. You would find more information in the next sections and on the website which would lead you in the right way of finding the best device that meet your needs.

Over the years, there has been a lot of advancement and improvement in technology of electronic devices and super gaming laptops which was relatively scarce and impossible to get is now almost everywhere. The main problem lies in finding laptops of low budget or an inexpensive one. Portability and a high performance level are two factors conflicting each other thereby making desktops seem like the one which can offer the best service.

There is more to gaming laptops apart from being used for gaming purposes. It has a quad-core processors and high quality graphics, excellent video workstations can be made for those who desire a multi-purpose device. You can also edit HD videos with ease and easily make alterations to the 3D models on some of our super gaming laptops.

With all these super functions, you can get standard gaming laptops of high quality at an affordable rate of about $600 to $2000 bearing in mind that the specifications of a super device will give you the flexibility to choose between ranges of laptops that meet your need and budget.

CPU Processor

The CPU processor can be described as the heart and life of a PC and in most of the modern gaming laptops, there is a Kaby Lake Chipset on which a quad-core 7th generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 CPU are attached. There are also some rare cases of finding a gaming laptop which consist of an Intel core i3 or at least one of installed AMD’s CPUs.

These systems which components comprise mainly of Intel core i3 and the AMD processors are useful for multi-gaming purposes, but why would you limit yourself? If you are in limbo about choosing between a super CPU and a super GPU, choose the one which would give you quality graphics. For instance, we would advise that you choose a Skylake core i5 over a core i7. If you have the needed resources, you could opt for an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 GPU over a GTX 1060.

There is more sense in spending money on GPU instead of CPU. Choose a core i5 processor in midrange devices, with HQ, core i7U, and HK processors in super gaming laptops. For demanding and thorough games like watchdogs and battlefield, it is a must that you use an Intel core i7 quad core processor. If you use a dual core i5, it would slow down the game.

As for the CPU, it is like a sort of direct competition between AMD and Intel. At present, Intel is the best fit and nothing compares to what it offers. The core i7 is the first product, followed closely by the i5, and even the recent i3 processor performs better than the AMD’s types.

Many features are added to the latest generation which makes it perform better. Some of the series of Intel are the 6th generation Core GPUs (Skylate). If you can afford the octa-core Intel core i7 which will give you absolute power, but a quad-core should be suitable for most gaming operations.

Due to various and multiple choices, it is advisable that you pool your resources together to get the one with graphics card and memory in comparison with the one with processor.


For you to enjoy your game and have access to be able to switch with ease between your gaming windows and your messaging application. You should try using a gaming laptop of nothing less than 8GB of RAM. It is however advisable that for you don’t open numerous browser window as it occupies too much of space in the RAM compartment as they tend to slow down gaming operations.

For super systems, it is recommended that you use the one of 16GB because it allows for multiple sessions of operation. You can open several websites, messaging applications, gaming apps, and continuously stream high quality videos simultaneously.

A normal gaming laptop should work effectively with 8GB of memory, but you should know that you can’t upgrade many modern laptops. You may also find it difficult in increasing the memory of the system. Memory is very essential because CPU is the components tasked with storing all the gaming operations or files needed in the system RAM.

For a high-end gaming, you can still use the one with 6GB but the 8GB falls in the same price range and it will give you an optimum satisfaction. If you are the multi-tasking type who likes to perform different applications like editing videos, streaming games or other tasks, you could go for the 12GB or 16GB of RAM.

You can actually order for more RAM if there is there is need for it to be upgraded only that you will part way with some unnecessarily and frivolous charges.


If you are to choice between SSD and HDD, choose the SDD. Though of recent, there has been a visible reduction in the price of SSDs, they are still costly than the HDDs, especially if there is need for a larger capacity. We have seen a lot of advancements in which games now have capacity of about 20GB or 30GB, while some have grown to about 50GB or 60GB and they are still growing every day. You can now see that storage of about 500GB might not be enough. Laptops generally have limited restrictions of space with at most one slots, so an option of converting a small SSD to serve as the boot drive and a larger HDD for storage of files and data is not viable. Due to limited budget and future upgrading plans, you could easily go with HDD. Changing a hard drive is not something difficult to do.

Considering the speed of booting up and loading of games, SSD is worth it if you have the resources to get it. SSDs are also stronger and tougher and will definitely survive an accidental fall without it pulling apart, but this is not applicable for the mechanical HDDs because the movable parts might stiff itself and stop operations. It is advisable that you go for the SSD since there has been a general fall in the price in recent years. SSDs is very fast in operation, it quickens booting, the hibernate, restart and sleep time, and fastens the launching and loading time of a game. Get a gaming laptop with an SSD, configure it properly and you are good to go. If you are the browsing type who occasionally download videos from the internet, consider getting a gaming laptop comprising of a small SSD (128GB to 256GB) and a hard drive of high capacity of about 500GB to 1TB.

Due to recent advancements, there are also bigger SSDs (512GB or more) available but all these depend on your budget and will bring about a massive increase of your gaming components. If you are addicted to playing games and have about 10-20+ games on your system, you would be needing a very large hard drives. Advanced games of today averagely require about 5-10GB of total games, multiply that by about 10 to 20 and you would see that it has eat up your hard drives. Due to all these limiting factors, consider getting a system of a minimum of 1TB hard drive. Though not every of your games are on SSD, I would still recommend you getting an SSD due to the fact that it gives you a faster boot times coupled with all other benefits attached to using SSD.


The Graphics processing unit (GPU) can be described as the most important components relating to a gaming laptop due to the fact it is the one who does all the major works which give you that wonderful graphics resolutions. ( particles, MSAA, PhysX etc.) and you need a very strong GPU to run the intensive games. But, it is so unfortunate that only few laptops have the AMD Radeon HD graphics components so I would advise that you go for the NVIDIA Geforce GTX gpus. At least an average gaming laptops must have the Geforce GTX 850M or GTX 760M. Either the GeForce GTX 700 or 800 series would be compatible for modern games, and I would recommend that you choose the GeForce GTX 800 due to the fact that it has more advanced features like boosting of battery, 3d surround on some models, and streaming if you are using an NVidia Shield.

For proper function of this GPUS, they must have their personal memory (or vram) so as to enable them to store all the features, textures and components necessary for framing your monitor. You can’t actually decode the amount of memories that you need but you have properly read about or experience the GeForce GTX 870M and 880M with 4GB or 8GB of vram. I would advise that you get numerous vram as you can, though using of vram 8GB is not that essential, but as long as you use a vram between the ranges of 3-4 GB, it is okay. However, if you are budget restricted, I would recommend that you use a resolution of 1080P and a GeForce gtx 850/760/860 with only 2GB of vram. This is because this gpus are not strong enough to handle high-end or ultra-games, so it might probably perform better at a normal settings than at super level.

Display and Resolution

There are visible contrasting differences between the size and portability. You will prefer bigger screens and resolutions to smaller ones due to the fact that they give you a clearer view and are fun gaming on them, but the only limiting factor is that they are heavy, larger, and bigger and expend more energy.Using the 1080p resolution is more sensible and appropriate for most people. But more of 4K content have started to come up but the amount or commission that is require to get the 4K screen is relatively high, and this content will really drive a lot of energy out of the hardware. 4K gaming will surely disappoint you if want a high frame rate.

In general, 1080P has been the normal screen resolution for people, though there have been newer and modern 3k laptops which will give you a much clearer images and pictures. However, to get the best out of 3k gaming, you will need at least a GTX 870/880M for the gaming. The 3k corresponds to 3x 1080P resolution which would drive the graphics processor to work 3 times harder or better than before. So, you really need a lot of resources to enjoy this super gaming machine.

1080P resolution is very much okay and less costly and depends on the category of gamers in which you belong to. But if you want clearer and quality images and eye candy, then go for the 3k. But if you prefer a FPS over eye candy, I would suggest that you go for the 1080P because of its cheaper rate and does not have to work harder or above its limits so as to get better frames of quality images or pictures per second.


Best Laptop for Gaming under $1000

One thing I never thought of seeing is what HP has just done. HP is a brand well known to produce lower-end multimedia laptops; however their latest gaming laptop surely delivers. For just under $1000, the HP CUK is the lone gaming laptop you can stumble on with the newest generation of graphic cards; the Nvidia GTX 1050.

Let me point out something. There is an enormous improvement in the GTX 1050 which makes it excellent for this price range compared to the older standard in the GTX 960m. You can find in the user benchmarks the superior among the two graphics card as it shows that the GTX 1050 from Nvidia is 64% stronger than the GTX 960m from same manufacturer.

What matters the most is how this laptop runs the newest games. The fps on the modern games are very good as well, it will run most latest games efficiently on high settings and several others even play smoothly on ultra settings.

On this list, the design of the HP CUK is the most common. No showy details, no unwieldy design, and no flashy colors. It instead has a well rounded clean look. The laptop is also light-weight for gaming weighing around 5pounds (2.2kg). The display screen is quite alright, but unfortunately not the greatest on this list.

Beneath the matte silver casing of the CUK is some grand hardware. It runs on a powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU processor. The i7-7700HQ processor was just released with a remarkable; nearly above 9000 CPU mark score, which makes this laptop the most potent on this list. It’s 1 TB hard drive memory has more than enough storage memory for your numerous beloved games, and it is also pretty fast with a rotation speed of 7200 rotations per minute. The 16Gb 2133Mhz ram is also tremendously fast. It is the latest generation of DDR4 ram.

Best Value Gaming Laptop

Comprises of a powerful processor, powerful graphics card, SSD, and a cutback of $200, so tell me what more can you ask for? A deal so hard to beat is what the Dell Inspiron i17559 gives you.

The Dell Inspiron i7559 is a lightweight gaming laptop with a professional and modest look. It also has a strong matte black plastic casing, red details and diamond curved edges. A great feature of the Inspiron i7559 is the slide-resistant coating for palm rest. The screen offers crisp, energetic graphics. Personally, I would say that right now, the screen is amongst top laptops with the best complete HD screens available on sale in the market. Although not the strongest point of the computer, but still it has some good sound speakers. A strong medium and high frequency range but the speaker slightly lacks bass.

Inside this laptop is the former best graphics card for this price range, the Nvidia GTX 960m. This graphics card continues to run efficiently no matter if you just want to play games online or you’re running the latest AAA title on nothing less than mid-high settings. The ram is only 8GB (as it can be noticed on the benchmarks at the last part of this article). This memory isn’t a setback if you only desire a gaming laptop; the 8GB ram is sufficient for gaming. However, if you would like to run applications that are ram intensive, such as an editing tool, then I would rather opt for another laptop on this list.

The Inspiron i7559 comes with a SSD of 256GB. This hard drive makes transferring, booting up, loading or adding files fast.

For a canny shopper always searching for the best transaction, then this laptop is for you. If you buy this laptop from Amazon store today and save yourself up to $300 of your laptop’s budget. The hardware is equally powerful and affordable. This is the choice for the greatest cost per performance ratio. So if you can have the funds for a lesser ram and small hard drive, you will surely love the Inspiron i7559 from Dell.

Gaming Laptop with Best Display

Yeah, that’s true. Finally there is a gaming laptop with Ultra HD display for just under $1000. Although the screen is not great, it could have been brighter, however when you make use of it, you will notice one thing. The display screen is several miles ahead of the ordinary 1080p display screens. Of the numerous great features the Dell Inspiron i7559-3762GRY has, the superb screen is one of the top ones.

The design of this laptop reminds us of the other one in our list. In fact, it is the same computer but it has a stronger hardware and better screen.

The graphics card in this laptop is the average if you want to acquire the best gaming laptop in this price range, the Nvidia GTX 960M with a dedicated memory of 4GB for gaming purpose. The SSD included is generally used for speeding things up. The mixture of the SSD, the 8GB (2133 MHz) fast ram and the solid i7-6300 quadcore processor makes this computer blazing fast for the cash.

I personally believe Amazon can’t keep the price tag on this laptop under $1000 for a very long time. So don’t hesitate, buy a 4K gaming laptop on Amazon today for a good deal price.

Gaming Laptop with Best Storage

Would you like to get a better solid state drive other than the 256GB SSD in Dell’s Inspiron i7559? Do you fancy a not too showy but solid design? And you’re looking for a potent hardware, all for just less than a $1000? In that case, the Asus K501UW could be just that gaming laptop under $1000 you seek.

Just like the HP mentioned earlier, the Asus K501UW has a rather distinct design. Just with the stylish but sturdy, gray metal cover, you will be amused with what is hidden beneath.

You will find inside this laptop just like every other laptops mentioned in this list the Nvidia GTX 960m graphics card. Its CPU is the Intel Core i7-6500U, almost equal in power as the i7-6700HQ (top rated processor). The ram (8GB) is of the DDR4 modern type.

Amongst its weakest parts is the screen. Although it has a decent display, but you can find better screens on other computers in this price range.

The 512GB SSD makes this gaming laptop distinctive. With this large amount of memory, you can store lots of programs and files and with the aid of the solid state drive you will always have quick access to them. Regrettably, no HDD is included and this makes the small memory an issue for some people who like to store lots of files and lot of programs.

Best Lightweight & Portable Gaming Laptop

At times you desire taking your laptop along with you. Perhaps you just love the handiness of a handy computer. Maybe you travel much. Maybe you travel much. Then the K501UX-AH71 by Asus is the best at lightweight and portability. The K501UX 15-inch gaming laptop weighs just 4.4pounds for that size. That fact alone made us to keep an eye out for this laptop.

The computer has a classy and straightforward design. Though the notebook is thin, it never feels unstable or flimsy. The 256GB SSD just like the Dell Inspiron i7559 makes the laptop boot and load at rocket speeds. The remaining hardware on this laptop is a bit weaker than the others on this list. The Asus K501UX-AH71 is the most affordable laptop on this list. The fact that it’s cheap combined with its lightweight gives us enough reason to place this laptop on the best laptops for gaming list.

Though it may not be the greatest laptop on this list, but the intel i7 6500HQ makes it a nice laptop. It has the least strong graphics card (Nvidia GTX 950m) on this list. According to benchmarks, this gadget still has the ability to play nearly all games at high or medium with an acceptable frame-rate. Though the touch-pad isn’t great, a mouse is most favored on a gaming computer. The laptop has fingerprints features and has a speaker average at best.